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Get to know about Stormceptor

The Stormceptor system is an oil grit separator that protects waterways from hazardous material spills and stormwater pollution, including suspended sediment, floatables, free oils, and other pollutants that attach themselves to particles.

Ideal applications of Stormceptor

  • Sediment control

  • Spill control

  • Floatables, trash, and debris capture

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How Stormceptor works for you

Stormwater enters the Stormceptor through the inlet pipe. Specific inserts slow the water and directs it to a lower chamber. The non-turbulent chamber allows free oils and debris to rise, and sediment to settle (for later removal). Treated stormwater exits the unit via the outlet pipe.

Benefit From Our Stellar Stormceptor Services

  • Pretreatment for filtration detention / Retention systems

  • And more